Bilderraus on the Dom

VJ on the Dom 2011 was an event organized by Vrede van Utrecht 2013 as part of the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Utrecht. was asked to provide a spectacular projection mapping set and they in turn invited a select number of artists to take part in this event.

I got the opportunity to work together closely with Z25, and provided my experience and homebrew projection calibration toolset. Two workshops were organised to explore the possibilities of projection mapping and to do some small-scale tests of projections. We created a system to preview projection mapped video on a model of the Dom tower to work on the 20 minute set collaboratively and remotely. After an intense 1-2 week production period the 8 animation sections, each around 2 minutes in length, were performed once as the opening act of VJ op de Dom.

Apart from providing technology to calibrate the projection onto the geometry of the preview model and the Dom tower itself, I also produced a 2 minute animation section. In my section I took inspiration from a number of iconic video games, much to the amusement of the audience.

The awesome audio track for Bilderraus, including my section, was provided by Tijs Ham and Mark Ijzerman.


First Bilderraus mapping workshop


Second Bilderraus mapping workshop


VJ op de Dom event